Plugins4 has started a new project!

Plugins4 has under development a new RMM Tool Box that interfaces with Datto RMM, CW Automate, CW Connect and TacticalRMM platforms and provides a common set of tools that can be leveraged against the clients and agents managed by the RMM platform.

This project is under active development. We are allowing a very limited group of MSPs to join the Beta Squad at this time. Enter forum and request consideration.
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Plugins4 has started a new project!

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The project is a RMM companion console that brings new functions and tools that can be used with any RMM environment. Imagine being able to add new functions and tools independent of the existing RMM platform. The RMM's vendor platform is no longer the defining factor on what tools and services are at hand to manage your environment.

The project is starting out with 4 tools and 4 RMM platforms supported and will go into it's first beta January 2023.

The first 4 RMM platforms supported are:
  • Datto RMM
  • ConnectWise Automate
  • ScreenConnect(CWC)
  • TacticalRMM
The first 4 Tools are:
  • Chocolatey Manager
  • SurfLog Web Usage Analyzer
  • BitLocker Manager
  • Windows Defender Manager
Future tools and platforms will be announced.

Want to try the beta?

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