How to fully remove any plugin

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How to fully remove any plugin

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How to remove all the stuff left behind after disabling and uninstalling a plugin.

So with most plugins there is stuff left behind after you remove the plugin from the plugin manager in CW Automate. Most of the time this is stuff like Automate scripts left in the /scripts folder of the control center or database tables that held the data for the plugin. Automate does not clean up really well so it also leaves the DLL files behind on the server and on the control center computers.

Control Center DLL File
The dll file will be located at C:\ProgramData\Labtech Plugins\yourhostname\nameofplugin.dll

Automate Host DLL File
The dll file will be located at C:\Program Files\LabTech\Plugins\nameofplugin.dll

Database Tables
By default the naming convention for Automate plugin tables is in the following format (plugin_nameofvender_nameofplugin_tablename)
This means that all our plugin tables would start with a prefix of one of the following based on date of plugin.
  • plugin_sw_nameofplug
  • plugin_p4l_nameofplugin
  • plugin_p4a_nameofplugin
To remove these from Automate you or Automate support teams can SQL execute the following queries to remove the tables for a plugin. Use any of the 3 prefixes above followed by the table name to drop. An example is below.

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DROP TABLE IF EXISTS plugin_sw_nameofplugin_nameoftable;
Automate Scripts
By default if it exists we drop our scripts into the /scripts/maintenance subfolder and will have the name of the plugin and our name abbreviated in the title of the script.

Example: P4L - Expiry Maintenance Script

You can find and remove these from your scripts folder from within the control center consoles.

Automate host plugin logs
Automate host keeps a log of every activity our plugins preform on an host via automation instructions. Those logs are kept at C:\Program Files\LabTech\Logs\ on the automate server. They also prefix with plugin_nameofplugin.txt

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