Map a drive - Direct to specific device?

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Map a drive - Direct to specific device?

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We've just adopted this plugin and it looks really valuable!

One question, when using the map drive/printer function in the plugin, how do we direct this to a specific device not all? Doesn't appear to be an option - I see Console number = 0 which is changable which I presume is the function, but no documentation on how the logic behind this works?

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Re: Map a drive - Direct to specific device?

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Don't mind the "Habitat" its the same plugin tool + a little. It will work for demo purposes.

Which ever agent you select from the drives list gets the mappings, unless the Map Across Client is set to yes.

The mapping function schedules a script to do the work. It passes the arguments over to script and the Automate script then handles the actual mapping. You can follow this along in the scripts log of the agent in question.

If Map across client is set to yes, then that same script is scheduled on all windows agents. If drive already exists it will error out as a duplicate and leave existing mapping as is.

The console ID is sent as an ID to identify a logged in console to install as, if no one is logged in it switches to execute as admin. All other controls are directed to the map drive command on Windows.
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