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Cleaner Plugin Analyzing but Not Cleaning

Get help for CCleaner LabTech plugin
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Cleaner Plugin Analyzing but Not Cleaning

Post by cwhite2812 » Mon May 06, 2019 4:04 pm

We recently purchased 50 seats via CW to take the product for a spin. Although the install, licensing, and analyzing appears to be working, but cleaning never takes place. I've tried both "Clean Now" and the scheduled scans.


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Re: Cleaner Plugin Analyzing but Not Cleaning

Post by Cubert » Tue May 07, 2019 1:07 pm


Gonna need some more info on what is transacting.

Please post a image of your Global configuration page and a image of the license manager so we can see how things are setup. Next is to check some basic things on the agent itself.

#1 On the "Day" that scans are set to run do you see a scheduled script any time during the day?
#2 did the script run successfully or failed?
#3 What was script error or output?

#1 When selecting "scan now" at the local agent, monitor the live output from the scan via the plugin to see what it is doing during a scan. Does it complete? Send us output from the commands tab of the agent after a manual scan to let us see what is happening.

Keep in mind that you can analyze unlimited agents for free but you must use license manager to set the license to clean on any agents you want to apply one of your 50 licenses to.

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