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Suggestion - New View Tab

Supports the detector plugin and any feature or other requests around the plugin.
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Suggestion - New View Tab

Post by carlosmp » Tue Apr 30, 2019 5:33 pm

Seems that for a while, we have some agents that haven't reported in. Mostly seem to be from the update that required agents to be online otherwise, a manual reinstall was needed. We seem to have a decent number of agents that have ScreenConnect, but the Labtech agent seems to be "stuck" or not starting. I think a really nice tab would be Offline LT & Online SC. Could probably use the opposite too, but that would show agents that have ScreenConnect, and that could be "restarted". Deploying/installing from this view (or any) would be nice too...but I know there's other ways of pushing through ScreenConnect.



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