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Moving from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4

Get help for CCleaner LabTech plugin
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Moving from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4

Post by Cubert » Mon Aug 20, 2018 3:05 pm

Big changes have happened in the two versions so make sure to reinstall fully before attempting to use the newer versions of CCleaner for Automate. You can now analyze all agents for free in version 1.0.4

I would make sure to grab the latest 4.2 build, drop all plugin_sw_cleaner_xxx tables from SQL database and delete the CCleaner maintenance script under the scripts/maintenance folder. Upgrade plugin and restart the DB agent to recreate the tables and new script.

Verify that new tables and script are present after restart of dbagent.

Resetup your clients and enable licenses on the ones you want to clean.

Next enable any clients inside of plugin, monitor scripts log on a given agent for the enabled agent to get a CCBE install sent to it via our maintenance script. This installs CCBE in analyze mode only! All enabled clients install as analyze only and do not consume a license. This is the “Free part” of the plugin working. Enabling clients enables only for analyzing the agents, to clean agents you will use license manage to register the agent for cleaning. This will cause 1 license to be consumed for each agent registered for cleaning.

Once you have agents showing up in the license manager as installed but not registered, select a hand full of agents at one time and then select to license them. This will again schedule our maintenance script to run again. This time it is going to try to send down a file and force the CCBE to register. Monitor an agents script logs to see script scheduled and executing. The output will tell you is successful, once the script is completed the second time the agent is ready to clean as well as analyze. From that point forward the agents will analyze and clean on the days selected.

The script on days that are selected will, start looking for agents (limited to 100 at a time) that are licensed but do not have a current scan date of “today” and will send a script schedule to that agent. The agent will execute a scan and return a scan date of today and any scan data. On next cycle (1 hour) that agent will not be in list as it will now have a scan date of today.

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