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Exclude Locations

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Would it be possible to exclude Locations from deployments?

We support life sciences companies, and we have an Automate Location for the office machines which we manage normally, and we have an Automate Location for the Lab machines, which we don't touch, because the slightest thing could cause them to fail. (and this could impact multi-day experiments).

Habitat has the "Do not install 3rd party software updates via Habitat" checkbox on the Location EDF. Can we get the same for Chocolatey for Automate please?
At this point, I am just using the plugin to get the framework installed, and I'm manually running the choco install commands through a script to all the systems in the office location. But not exactly a scalable solution that way.
(Ultimately I'd like to be able to invoke the plugin from a generic script where I can just call upon Chocolatey for Automate to install "package" to a system, and then I can use Automate Search limited groups to target the install.)

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