App Genie not updating apps

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App Genie not updating apps

Post by Markedin »

Hi Support
I've noticed it seems apps are not updating from App Genie. As an example On my own computer I have an outdated version of 7zip. Attached is a screenshot of today script run it finds that 7zip is there but doesn't update it. I've noticed similar for firefox and citrix workspace. Appreciate any suggestions.
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Re: App Genie not updating apps

Post by Cubert »

Yeap, something is a miss.

The log line that says "Command returned [7zip]current version is [OK].

That should actually be a version number, the fact its a OK tells me that the CMD may have failed with no return to which Automate appends an "OK" as the return.

Can you do a choco.exe -V and post your chocolatey version. I will go see if the language has changed.

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