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Quick Question

Post by Jay_McDaniel »

Just installed Announce Maintenance and it appears as though it is going to run one day before its supposed to.

Computer X is set to a Thursday patch schedule, which means patches will be installed Thursday morning at 3 am. I would like for Announce Maintenance to run at 4 pm on Wednesday, but its queued up to run at 4 pm on Tuesday.

Any input would be great.

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Re: Quick Question

Post by Cubert »

Ok here is how it works...

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The announcement service looks at ignite s workstation schedule to determine when it needs to fire off announcements.

You have 2 scenarios
  • Maintenance is set for Thursdays at 3am
  • Maintenance is set for Thursday at 11pm
The day is not important but what is illustrated is the times in which the maintenance happens.

If Maintenance is at the AM hours then then you need to really be notified the day before that maintenance is happening the next day at 3 am. The other option is a PM maintenance window where you need to notify the people the "Same Day" as the maintenance cycle is launching. It this case you would want to select the "Same Day" check box on the Announce maintenance windows.

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